great baloon at singapore

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The great DHL balloon that had this big measurement had the diameter 22 metre. And in order to be able to expand, this balloon must be filled up with Hellium gas totalling 6.500 cubic metre. Only had 15 balloons of this kind available all over the world. The balloon that was made in France this, could fly above until the height 150 metre. So as enough areas to see scenery in the Singaporean city from above.

Until a higher, the balloon that had the capacity until 29 passengers, could see surrounding area for example the area of the centre of the city, Litle India, of Marina Bay, Sunctec City (definitely, without rising this building balloon also has appeared), Orchard Road, and even the Malaysian country and Indonesia could be then seen.

Location this baloon
This balloon was in the available field in Tan Quee Lan Street, and was neighbouring with the hotel of New 7th Storey. So as to be able to be followed around 5 minutes walked from March Bugis (EW12).

Operational time from this balloon, from 11 o'clock the afternoon to 9.30 tonight. With the price of the ticket as big as S$23 to mature and S$ 13 for the child's child, could fly above for 7-10 minutes. Singapore Ducktour that operated on him for a day day.

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