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Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog Forum - community- Indonesian blogger social networking - Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog

Maybe some friend will ask what it Faceblog? Faceblog is a social networking service that is intended specifically for the Indonesia-based microblogging bloggers like twitter or facebook and tumble as we have known before. In Faceblog bloggers interact with each other freely by using the concept of message / short posts of 350 characters that can be attached with pictures, links, videos, files, etc..

Faceblog is an online community based microblogging services like twitter and yahoo koprol as we know, but certainly Faceblog has unique characteristics compared to both. Faceblog specifically intended for bloggers Indonesia as a place to congregate, communicate, and interact with each other. But do not rule out the possibility that, Faceblog was open to the public.
Faceblog was founded in late 2010 the past by someone who is often greeted by name and happy Elfaz Kang. In the presence of Faceblog expected to help the bloggers in particular and generally to perform virtual community social network in cyberspace is secure, fast, and easy.
Faceblog name really was impressed mimic the Facebook social networking service. There are some friends who disagree and feel less comfortable with the term, but we remain optimistic and confident that the naming is not meaningful in the context of plagiarism or other damage to brand the service, yet in terms of service and the targets were different, the Facebook social networking are common while Faceblog special nature of social blogging for bloggers Indonesia. We look forward, hopefully naming gives blessing and not cause problems of course.
To temporarily use the domain mari berkomunitas di faceblog Indonesia that is personal that is. Web.id, expected future we can patent the domain that will be used by Faceblog. In the future we plan to use the initials of commercial domains such as. Com and. Co.id, but until now his name is still used by others.
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10 Habits of Confident Women Fully

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Women who believe themselves emit a kind of irresistible charisma. Ever met a woman who each time entering the room was always stealing everyone's attention, all he spoke, all listened, and even laughed at his joke that was not too funny? What makes a person who's special? Here is a Redbook magazine survey that asked the respondents about what makes someone look more confident.

    * 1. Sign in with style

Before entering the room, check your confidence. To radiate confidence, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with yourself. Taste ketidakpercayaandiri, shy, or low self-esteem will make people turn away from you. If you enter a large room, you never know who will be there in the room, go you step into the back corner of the room, with this, the most likely people who know you will greet you throughout the trip.

    * 2. Brave start

How can make yourself look confident if you still have a phobia to start a conversation? Before entering the room containing other people, make yourself more excited and think about what you can get if you can get acquainted with many people. When you are in a situation, in a very foreign place, but you have to sit with the person you are unfamiliar with long hours, try to bring myself to start. Palingkan face to the people closest, wide and sincere smile, introduce yourself as she asked to shake hands. Begin to ask about things in general, eg, name, origin and surrounding these events you attend.

    * 3. Deal gracefully

There will be times when you met with an unpleasant situation, for example, you forget someone's name. If this happens, remember that this sort of thing could happen to anyone, so do not be too discouraged. The first step you can do is admit that you forgot his name. Second, you can joke about such forgetfulness. The hope, he will mention his name again. When he mentioned it again, saying, "I will not forget again," then continue the conversation.

    * 4. A memorable story

A memorable story could be a menstruum atmosphere. However, keep in mind, the story, if it intended to break the ice, must have a message that is very touching or very funny. When telling a story, make sure you do not forget the details of importance. Gestures can still be acceptable, provided that is still in reasonable shape and natural. However, an interesting story really is not that necessary spices excessive movement, which is important is the selection of words.

    * 5. Stay calm

When you feel nervous and need a distraction, try to do aerobic activity suddenly, for example, jumping around, or running in place. Then try to focus. Find a quiet place to be alone and take a breath for a moment before you enter the room. Then take a deep breath and slowly when entering the room and your position in front of others. Do not forget to smile at them, staring at their eyes.

    * 6. Vini, Vidi, Vici

When you want something, do it with the calculation and wisely. For example, when you felt it was time to get a raise because the ratio of work you do and the wages earned are not balanced. If you really want to get a rise, try to do a quick, accurate, and courteous. For example, in the morning, ask him that you want to talk to him, and ask when he has free time to talk. When you are dealing with it, say how you like this job, your job, also mention the best work you produce. Then, ask him, "Could it be Mr / Ms could consider a raise for me?" Do not speak unless asked for specific numbers. End the conversation with "On this, do not need to be answered immediately." This will make your boss think that he still has control and hopefully will be more generous in offering you an increase.

    * 7. When negotiating

While you will be doing a negotiation or bidding, do not forget to enrich themselves with knowledge. Find lots of information about what you want. We will negotiate, always ask for more than they offer, and offer value below your limit. If still in doubt, think back, just decided the next day.

    * 8. Face the fear

Fear is similar to the pain. This will help you point to things that disturb your mind. When you face the fear of something, try to deal with it. Imagine a scary situation in your head, then imagine the steps that you can do to deal with the situation. Then, switch your mind to a calming thing for you, for example, the beach or the sun sank. When initiating the movement shadows before, do not forget to keep the flow of your breath to stay organized.

    * 9. Do not be intimidated

Stop negative thoughts in your head, then visualize yourself pushing others away from your 100 steps. Imagine these people are very small and black and white. This will eliminate the inferior taste in you. Well, do this when you feel less confident in the midst of conversations with people that you are unfamiliar close. When mentally you've succeeded in placing the foundations, you will be people who feel that the flow of conversation that is in your hands. Do not throw a topic whose content could trigger a competition or defensive nature of the person, but start with questions about personal things. Do not forget the sincerity.

    * 10. Throwing jokes

When you'll throw a joke, do not say that you would tell a joke, because this will make the listener put high expectations, and when your story was too funny, even be impressed crisp. Funny jokes that can be linked with the topic of conversation before, so people will feel sucked into your words, and you will find it very funny joke, because it comes unexpectedly. When the jokes you managed to make people laugh, do not be tempted to crack jokes another. Let them feel like more than you.
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