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Batam was the most interesting entrance that was used by the tourists from Indonesia to enter towards Singapore. Why most interesting? Definitely the main reason was cheap him the departure tax through the transport of sea of 500 Thousand rupiah. If through air, then the departure tax to 1 million rupiah. The difference 500 was felt was significant enough, moreover if coming in large groups many people. Everything was increased with even more of them the flight headed Batam ( the Hang Nadim Airport ) from Jakarta at a cost of that was cheap definitely.

Along with this will be told how by any stage stage that will be followed to head Singapore went through Batam from Jakarta.

flying jakarta to batam
There were several airlines from Jakarta towards Batam, among them Lion Air, Air Asia and the garuda-indonesia. For the Asian Water flight and Lion Water departed from the Terminal 1A in the Cengkareng Sukarno Hatta Airport, whereas Garuda from the Terminal 2.

Beforehand I used the Asian Water airline to head Batam, because of being practical enough in the ordering of his ticket. By using the credit card, was enough ordered through the internet. After ordering the ticket through the internet, we were enough printed e-ticket him. Results of this edition were enough to be shown to the official of the airport to enter the door to the Terminal 1A, but also to the official boarding to get boarding pass. In fact we were enough to record the number of the booking in small paper or even in hand qe.,q.,qe, but how come was still being not convinced or comfortable if we did not hold ‘tiket’. To head batam, I had gotten the price around 300 Thousand . Definitely, for the purchase of the ticket yg increasingly close to the price of the departure will become more expensive.

From the Hang Nadim Airport headed Batam Center with used taxi. Quite often was available in front of the airport. The cost per taxi headed Batam Center as big as 70 thousand rupiah. For one taxi could contain maximal 4 passengers. 1 in front and 3 people behind. But, if the party 5 adults, usually want also to depart in 1 taxi by paying 100 Thousand rupiah. Moderate tight tight an. Hi hi hi hi. Time that was followed from the airport towards Batam Center, around 20 minutes. In fact quite far, but because of the quiet, wide and good street, the outcome able to up to fast.

in Batam Center, we headed towards the Ferry window to get boarding pass and paid sea port as big as S$7 per the ticket. The Ferry ship that is available usually was Penguin and Batam Fast. The departure schedule of the two ships the difference around half of the hour. The location of the window was in right-hand from the entrance. The document that must be prepared pasport and voucher Ferry ( if has bought in Hang Nadim ). After being finished got boarding pass, headed towards the location of fiscal payment. His location was on the left from the entrance. If the location of fiscal payment was at once seen like that entered Batam Center, compared to the location of the Ferry window that slipped in side .

For fiscal payment was put on the cost 500 rb per the person. For the child's child was supervised 12 free years the departure tax. To become thin free the departure tax, usually needs the photocopy pasport the child. It would be better if was prepared beforehand his photocopy, but if forgetting prepared, has had the service fotocopy exact in front of the window of the departure tax. Be enough paid 2000 rupiah per pasport (he he he he) to get 1-2 sheets of the photocopy.

HarbourFront Singapore

until in HarbourFront, we will enter the Singaporean Immigration part before. Although his queue is long enough, usually to be fast enough also to queue him, because of his official enough. Usually the Immigration document already diisikan by the Ferry side, but isian old and the address spent the night empty, the contents before, although the process diimigrasi simpler.

After being finished the Immigration affair, was kept heading outside Immigration and immediately entered the area of shops (Mall) HarbourFront. And, welcome in Singapore. Be kept choosing the transport furthermore in accordance with the location of the aim, with used in March, Taxi or was picked up with the friend or the trip agency. Really was easy to look for the location in March or Taxi Stand (the place of the queue to rise taxi), because of having many indications of the location in the building part. Or if being hungry, there is foodcourt lawful (banquet) on the side right after leaving the immigration part.

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