Singapore Science Center

Senin, 02 Februari 2009 Leave a Comment

The science boring? Oh Anda must visit Singapore Science Center, because this place was very interesting for children and the adult who liked science/science and technology. If compared with in Indonesia, approximately was the same as the Science And Technology museum in the Garden of Mini Indonesia Indah, but possibly 100x better:) This place was located in 15 Science Centre Road, could be reached with March, descended in the station in March Jurong East, then walked around 10 minutes. Opened from 10 o'clock during the day to 18.00, it seems you necessary have time all day long if want to playing with satisfaction in this place. Awas. every day on Monday this place was closed .

Begun from the front page already the draught with games that have nuances science, beginning with the solar hour, the foundations of the telephone, the style of gravitation, optics, oh no matter what complete deh, because was in the page, then this game all of them free. But evidently inside offered the more again interesting game, although you must buy the additional admission ticket. There were several arenas that is: Science Center, the Imax theatre, and Snow City. The price of the admission ticket for Science Center personally was $6 to mature and $3 for children, whereas for Snow City was $12 to mature and children for 1 hour (had the addition of gloves rent if you needed), whereas for the Imax theatre $10 to mature and $5 for children. I suggested the cheque whether having the package, usually was offered the package for the three vehicles, and the total of them far more cheaper. And very third him recommend to be visited especially Science Center and Snow City.
The second vehicle was the Imax theatre or Omni Theatre, similar to-similar to with the gold Snail in the Garden of Mini Indonesia Indah, but here his screen was wider and had the shape of the turret, there were 2 titles of my time film there that is the Dinosaur or Human Body, and this title always changed so as the visitor was not bored.