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Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog Forum - community- Indonesian blogger social networking - Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog

Maybe some friend will ask what it Faceblog? Faceblog is a social networking service that is intended specifically for the Indonesia-based microblogging bloggers like twitter or facebook and tumble as we have known before. In Faceblog bloggers interact with each other freely by using the concept of message / short posts of 350 characters that can be attached with pictures, links, videos, files, etc..

Faceblog is an online community based microblogging services like twitter and yahoo koprol as we know, but certainly Faceblog has unique characteristics compared to both. Faceblog specifically intended for bloggers Indonesia as a place to congregate, communicate, and interact with each other. But do not rule out the possibility that, Faceblog was open to the public.
Faceblog was founded in late 2010 the past by someone who is often greeted by name and happy Elfaz Kang. In the presence of Faceblog expected to help the bloggers in particular and generally to perform virtual community social network in cyberspace is secure, fast, and easy.
Faceblog name really was impressed mimic the Facebook social networking service. There are some friends who disagree and feel less comfortable with the term, but we remain optimistic and confident that the naming is not meaningful in the context of plagiarism or other damage to brand the service, yet in terms of service and the targets were different, the Facebook social networking are common while Faceblog special nature of social blogging for bloggers Indonesia. We look forward, hopefully naming gives blessing and not cause problems of course.
To temporarily use the domain mari berkomunitas di faceblog Indonesia that is personal that is. Web.id, expected future we can patent the domain that will be used by Faceblog. In the future we plan to use the initials of commercial domains such as. Com and. Co.id, but until now his name is still used by others.