potential as a tourism batam Uniquely icon asia

Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009 Leave a Comment

Batam should Uniquely asia called because of its location there are many attractions in the city batam interesting to visit, and a variety of ethnic, indigenous, and citizens from the outside, especially from asia indonesia listed in this city batam.

Of the continent asia batam name is not foreign to them, because of their family and relatives never set foot or even living in a city that shaped this scorpion, both to do their own business or become employees of the company in batam.

With the development of world tourism batam city have the competitiveness in the field of tourism asia, which has some property batam batam tour does not have both of them are in the asia like this:

culinary tours
various menu dihidangkan in all corners of the restaurant and public house (tavern) food city batam presenting the menu are the seafood city batam

religious tourism
completeness of the places of worship in the city batam, should be a destination for travel asia religious community, such as the Buddhist Vihara maitreya is reputedly the largest and termegah in southeast asia.

travel history and humanity
the sights and history of humanity in cities such as camp vietnam batam this, so not only are the asia society can learn the history of this camp vietnam but people from all over the world can get information about the history of the city batam.

And many more that have not been on the pitch Expose eyes asia. completeness of the various facilities and infrastructure are adequate in batam, batam therefore should bear the icon Uniquely asia.